Current Board of Directors (BOD)
President: Marcus Leming
Board Secretary: Jeff Salter
Treasurer: Ian Klaes
Director Of Fundraising: Michael Villalobos
Director Of Recruiting and Club Affairs: Delfino Salinas
Director Of Operations: Matthew Green
Director Of Communications: Arnal Prasad

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BOD Positions and Responsibilities 

Board Position Functional Title Term Length Area of Responsibility Key Resources
President President 1 year - Attend TRU/RRRC/USA rugby AGMs and quarterly meetings
- Plan and execute the annual Board Strategic Planning Retreat
- Maintain overall strategy
- Liaison with City, County, and other community Sports Team officials and look for synergies/opportunities to build SARFC
- Other resources as required
Board Secretary Board Secretary 1 year - Maintain and drive the agenda for the monthly meetings
- Compile updates from the Board Members on their respective projects
-- Provide monthly updates to club
- Maintain/coordinate overall club calendar based on inputs from other Board members
- Maintain meeting minutes for according to 501(c)3 requirements- Act as Match Secretary for game days
- Other resources as required
Treasurer Treasurer 1 year - Maintain all aspects of team finances
- Maintain records of expenditures and deposits
- Create detailed financial reports for Board Meetings and to present to the club
- Maintain financial reporting as required by 501(c)3 guidelines
- Provide monthly status to the Board at the Board Meetings
- Other resources as required
Board Member #1 Director of Fundraising 2 years - Chair the fundraising committee
- Set fundraising goal to be reviewed annually by Board of Directors
- Provide monthly status to the Board at the monthly meetings
- Treasurer- Director of Club Affairs
Board Member #2 Director of Club Affairs 2 years - Liaison with Hall of Fame, Los Viejos, Woman’s and Youth Teams
- Point of coordination for Ombudsman
- Create a calendar of recruitment events/activities
- Work with Captains, Coaches, and Ombudsman to get the pulse of the players
- Provide monthly status to the Board at the Board Meetings
- Ombudsman- Team Captains- Team Coaches
Board Member #3 Director of Operations 2 years - Manage calendar of social events for the year
- Manage calendar of volunteer/community outreach
- Ensure we have practice and game day fields for all calendar events
- Manage all team equipment ; balls, cones, field lining equipment, etc
- Provide monthly status to the Board at the Board Meetings
- Match Secretary
Board Member #4 Director of Communications 2 years - Manage our web and social media presence
- Manage all forms of communication channels
- Provide monthly status to the Board at the Board Meetings
- Publish monthly club updates
- Board Secretary- Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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