SARFC Beats Lonestar, 38-14!

"The essence of rugby is a man becoming part of a team." 

In that light, Lonestar is a team cut from our own cloth. They play hard and they are friendly after the match. I think we've found a kindred spirits that we should look out for in the future and that we can party with in the present. 
- Coach Arbizu

Match Recap:
In the sixth minute, Kyle 'Nigel' Rogier scored the games first try, touching the ball down after a solid maul driven-in off a 5-meter line-out by SA.  The hard angle resulted in a missed conversion by Orlando 'O' Villegas (5–0).   Lonestar responded in the fifteenth minute and converted to take the lead (7–5).  Answering right back, and in true fashion, Cliff Davidson intercepted a Lonestar pass and took it to the house for five (18').  A converted try by O brought the score to 12–7.  In the twenty-sixth minute Sam Poindexter, the eventual man of the match, scored and O missed a rare second conversion (17-7).  O redeemed himself with a couple of penalty kick in the thirty-second minute and another in the thirty-fifth, making the score 23-7 at the half.

In the second half, Lonestar scored four minutes in and converted the try (23–14).  San Antonio answered back four minutes later when Tom Beers scored off a pick from a scrum down.  A converted try by O brought the score to 30-14.  A few minutes later O came out with an injury and a bell-rung Cliff attempted a penalty kick in the sixtieth minute that missed the mark. Two minutes later Ian Klaes attempted and converted the next penalty for San Antonio (33–14).  Sam managed to punch in a second try (74') and a missed conversion by Michael Villalobos made the final score of the game 38-14. The ref, Paul Purcell, was limited on the whistle and let a lot of things play and allowed the chippiness of the two sides get slightly out of hand from time to time.  Overall, it was a solid win for San Antonio.  Matalos!