Proxy Vote for AGM

We appreciate everyone's flexibility as we attempt to move SARFC forward, and part of that is having a more open and inviting nomination and election process. 

Our goal is to have as many members of the club join us tomorrow evening for the Annual General Meeting where we will be holding the elections for this years Board seats tomorrow evening at Olmos Park.

If you are not able to attend the AGM, the Board is providing club members the opportunity to submit a proxy/write-in vote. If you so choose to submit a proxy vote, you will need to send an email to both me and the SARFC Board with your votes here: 

As a reminder, you must be in good standing with the club for your vote to count. If you have any questions regarding your status with the club please reach out to myself or Jmart. 

Voting will be available at the time of the posting of this message and no voting will be counted after Thursday 6/25 at 8pm. 

List of accepted nominees: 

President: Marcus Leming 
Secretary: Sam Poindexter; Jeff Salter 
Treasurer: Jason Martinez; Ian Klaes 
Dir Club Affairs: Jay Sanchez; Kyle Rogier 
Dir Communications: Jarrod Bueno 
Women's Team Ombudsman: Jennie Fischer 

Because not everyone is on Facebook I ask for your help to get the message out so that everyone has the ability to have their votes count for the future of this club. 

Thanks and Matalos!