Trinity University Rugby

In what looks like a very big win for the red and black we now have a legitimate university club team that has been supported and coached by our own players. From the beginnings of the Trinity University team coached early on by Timana Tahu when barely 7 players would show up to the first 15s TRU cup match against Southern Methodist University on October 14, SARFC has been their all the way. The goal of university outreach programs is to spark the interests of rugby in San Antonio and more importantly have a direct line of players to SARFC to sport the red and black in the near future.

Be on the look out for more from Trinity Rugby coached by SARFC's very own Arnal Prasad, Travis Valiant and Griffin "Fiji" Simmons as they play UT Dallas on SARFC's home pitch at 746 Morning View Dr. San Antonio on October 21st at 2pm followed by a Texas A & M Central against UT Dallas B side.