Though we are newly reformed and still gaining traction, San Antonio Women’s Rugby is coming out stronger than ever and building on a firm foundation.  We are accepting ladies who know the game, as well as those who have never seen a rugby ball.  We are business professionals, health practitioners, students, teachers, service members, and more.  We are looking to better women living in the city of San Antonio through fitness, competition, and community.  We are welcoming of players of all ages and skill levels.  Whether you have always considered yourself an athlete or never played a single sport, we urge you to give it a try.  Who knows?  You might just fall in love with it, like we all did.

We practice every Tuesday & Thursday at Wheatley Heights Complex, 200 Noblewood Dr. San Antonio from 7-9 PM. 

Have more questions? Read on!

Q: I’ve never played rugby before. Does that matter? 

No! We will teach you absolutely everything you need to know.  Since rugby is not as popular in the US, most women don’t start playing until college or later.  So, don’t worry.  We all learned the game with minimal knowledge at some point.  We are ALWAYS accepting new players!

Q: I don’t have the right body to play rugby. I’m too big/small/tall/short. 

Nonsense!  There is no “right body type” for rugby.  In fact, there are 15 different positions on the field—all of which take advantage of different body types.  If you’re willing to come out and give it a shot, we promise there is a position for you!

Q: Isn’t it like football but without any pads and helmets?

It is full-contact and tackling like American football.  However, rugby play is continuous and only stops for penalties and scores.  Also, one of the first rules to know is the ball may only be passed backwards.  Rugby is very different from football.  Come out and play to find out the other differences!

Q: Will I get hurt? 

As with any sport, there is always the chance of injury.  Most of the time, our injuries come in the form of bumps and bruises.  The chance of more serious injuries is reduced significantly when proper form and preparation are put into developing rugby players.  For this reason, we spend a lot of time working on the right way to tackle, the right way to be tackled, and so on.  There have also been new rules and regulations released by USA Rugby within the last couple years to make play safer for all athletes.

Q: I’m down.  I’m ready to play.  How do I start? 

Just show up!  Come to our practices Tuesday or Thursday at 7 PM,  at 200 Noblewood Dr. San Antonio.  We’ll go from there!


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